1. Downtime

Smart Industries GmbH commits to providing users with a service time of 99.50% (our "Service Level Agreement" or "SLA").

Downtime refers to the total number of minutes during which zoolo was not available within a quarter (i.e., from January 1st to March 31st, and any three-month periods thereafter).

The following are not considered downtime:

  • Individual features (template creation, search, file uploads, etc.) with slow or otherwise impaired performance

  • Issues related to external apps or third parties, including zoolo Automations

  • Any products or features considered pilot, alpha, beta, or similar products or features

  • External network or device problems outside of our reasonable control, such as incorrect routing tables between your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and our server

  • Scheduled downtime for maintenance

2. Commitment to service time

Service time refers to the percentage of all potential minutes during which zoolo was available within a business quarter. We commit to ensuring a service time of at least 99.50%:

[(Total minutes in the quarter - downtime) / total minutes in the quarter] > 99.50%​

3. Support

Our support team is available to all zoolo customers on weekdays between 09:00 - 18:00. We offer telephone (hotline), chat, and email as contact options. The response time on weekdays is a maximum of 90 minutes.

4. Scheduled downtime

We occasionally perform maintenance to ensure zoolo continues to run smoothly. If scheduled downtime is necessary, we will provide at least 24 hours' notice. There will be a maximum of 15 hours of scheduled downtime per year.

5. Updates

As our company evolves, we may make changes to our Service Level Agreement. Only those Service Level Agreement components that were valid at the time of contract conclusion and/or agreed upon by mutual acceptance as additional or replacement components to the valid version will remain effectively agreed upon between the parties.




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