Real Estate & Portfolio Management Software

Real Estate & Portfolio Management Software

Dealflow Management
for institutional property owners and real estate asset and portfolio managers.

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Portfolio management for professional asset managers that saves time and costs.

Manage all your properties, offers and documents in a database that adapts to your needs:
Offer and document management

Manage all exposés ever received and all associated attributes. Documents like PDFs, Excel, etc. can be directly uploaded, linked and synchronized with OneDrive.
Forgotten Provision claims are a thing of the past.

Highly efficient object management

zoolo manages all of your real estate properties and combines several into portfolios. Brokers, homeowners and all other partners are linked.
Addresses can be searched across all properties and displayed on a map.

Customized to your needs

zoolo is 100% customized to your needs: You get a database software with the columns and input fields you really need.

Manage property exposés (offers) Manage property exposés (offers)

Exposé overview

Keep track of thousands of offers and any other data records. Zoolo also offers a calendar, card, analysis and kanban view .

Individual fields & interfaces

Do you need individual input fields or the integration of an interface? No problem - our team adapts zoolo's asset management to your needs.

File Management

Have you saved all your data on a OneDrive or Sharepoint ? No problem - zoolo can communicate with your existing file system and simply link your existing files.

User rights

zoolo ' s the most sophisticated role and rights management at attribute level allows any user role to be created for any type of authorization.

Properties & Portfolios Properties & Portfolios

Organization for your properties

Manage all your real estate objects and assign as many individual input fields as you wish. With one click you can view and evaluate all offers ever received for individual properties.


Combine several properties into portfolios and evaluate the price development.

Evaluate automatic attributes and formulas

Attributes such as investments, depreciation, rent adjustments, price development can be stored and evaluated automatically.

Partners, Brokers, Customers & Co

Manage any number of additional databases for different partners such as brokers, owners, suppliers and Co.

Customization Customization

zoolo works for you

You can 100% customize zoolo to your workflows by creating and customizing your own databases and input fields using drag and drop.

Excel Export & Import

Any data set can be exported as Excel.
Your existing data will be imported in minutes.

Create PDFs automatically

Custom PDFs can be created automatically from any dataset


Complex processes and manual workflows can be fully automated

Terrifyingly cheap Terrifyingly cheap

Transparent, can be canceled at any time

zoolo is billed monthly and can be canceled at any time. You only pay for the users you need.


We put an end to the lack of transparency of modern software development by being able to set up your software completely yourself. Long development times and high costs are eliminated

Immediately ready for use

Every zoolo application is immediately ready for use and can be further developed during use.

Revolutionize your Portfoliomanagement

Revolutionize your Portfoliomanagement

Talk to us - we will develop the right solution for you and much more!
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