Project management tailored to the needs of your team.

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Professional project management for every application.

Get to know our project management cloud:
Project management, invoices, offers

Using the cloud-based zoolo backend, thousands of data records and projects can be easily managed. Detailed, calendar, map and chart views included.


We develop individual project management software according to your ideas and 100% adapted to your process.

From € 49 per user

Since zoolo is hosted in the cloud and is made up of dynamic components, you get individual software at affordable monthly prices - there is no catch.

Project management as it should be Project management as it should be

Project overview

Keep track of thousands of projects and any other data records. Zoolo also offers a Calendar, Map, Analysis and Kanban view .

Individual fields & interfaces

Do you need individual input fields or the integration of an interface? No problem - our team adapts zoolo's project management to your needs.

invoices, offers, working hours, suppliers

Record the working hours of your employees, create project-related offers and (partial) invoices according to your ideas and maintain your entire contact and supplier list.

User rights

zoolo's sophisticated role and rights management at the attribute level allows any user role to be created for every conceivable type of authorization.

Invoices & Offers Invoices & Offers

Invoices & direct debit

Create invoices automatically with your individual templates and your own articles. Automatically collect invoices once or periodically.


Calculate complex offers with individual formulas and complex articles and send PDFs with your own templates to your customers.

Delivery notes, order confirmations & Co

Any document in your personal design and your own data fields can be reproduced without much effort.

individualization individualization

100% adjusted

zoolo is 100% adapted to your needs. You don't have to make any compromises - we configure the right project management solution for you and your team.

PDFs: (partial) invoices, offers, delivery notes and more

Individual invoice, offer or other PDF templates can be integrated into your design and integrated into your process to match.

Email dispatch

zoolo conveniently automatically sends invoices, offers, invitations or other documents to any number of suppliers, customers and partners.

working hours working hours

Time record

zoolo allows your employees to record any kind of times via a simple interface and assign them to individual projects.


Evaluate the ACTUAL / TARGET status of your team's working hours and uncover inefficient processes.

Personnel deployment and resource planning Personnel deployment and resource planning

100% utilization

Use the multi-resource calendar to efficiently plan your employees for your projects without wasting time.


Calendar data can be exported, printed and sent directly to beautiful Excel files.

Terrifyingly cheap Terrifyingly cheap

Transparent, can be canceled at any time

zoolo is billed monthly and can be canceled at any time. You only pay for the users you need.


We put an end to the lack of transparency of modern software development by being able to set up your software completely yourself. Long development times and high costs are eliminated

Immediately ready for use

Every zoolo application is immediately ready for use and can be further developed during use.

Revolutionize your processes

Revolutionize your processes

Talk to us - we will develop the right database solution for you and much more!
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