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Get to know zoolo

Get to know zoolo

Learn all the basic functions of zoolo's modular system.

Users & roles

Backend login

Every employee of your company can log in securely via the browser via a login area.


Your company will have its own team to which any number of employees, customers and guests can be invited.

User rights & roles

Every user has a user role and individual access rights. For example, you can create your own roles for interns, editors and managing directors.

Real time data

As soon as a user processes a data record that another user is currently viewing, it is updated in real time - without reloading.

List view

Even gigantic data records can be managed via a lightning-fast list view. Each user can adapt the view to their own needs.


Via a multi-resource calendar view that can be filtered by days, weeks, months and years, each data record can be grouped according to date or relation (Gantt) and edited.


A Kanban or 'Scrum' view visualizes your data in individual, movable tiles. For example, you can group your projects by status or your sales pipeline by stage.

Filter & Search

Every view can be searched and filtered for every attribute. Filters can also be set on periods, numbers or relations.


Every interaction is saved in an audit-proof manner and visualized graphically. Accidental changes are a thing of the past.

Chat & Comments

Every data record is provided with a chat function. All users with access rights can, for example, discuss or leave comments within individual projects



Individual dashboard

Every user can create an individual dashboard according to their own ideas. Each data record can be visualized according to all attributes and thus individual KPIs can be mapped

Charts & Graphs

Via graphs (diagrams, cake charts, etc.), evaluations can be placed over individual modules. Thus, for example, all invoice amounts from the last 4 months or all sales can be grouped by country.

External data

External data that was loaded via an interface can be visualized. For example, Datev evaluations or Google Analytics data can be seamlessly integrated into the system.

100% customizable

You can completely customize zoolo (all input fields and databases) via its no-code editor - choose from a variety of input field types.

Design & Branding

In order to fit perfectly into your environment, the color scheme and logo of zoolo can be adapted to your corporate identity.

PDF and email templates

Templates for PDFs and emails can be easily created and managed using an editor. This means that several invoice templates can be generated, for example.


zoolo has its own API. Third-party APIs can be tapped and integrated seamlessly without much additional effort.

No-Code Editor


Regular backups

zoolo automatically and regularly creates backups of your entire database.

Data in Germany

zoolo id hosted GDPR compliant on ISO certified servers in Germany.

SSL encryption

zoolo is of course encrypted using SSL to minimize the risk of data leaks.

Data separation

Your data will be stored in a database separate from other customers.

PDF creation

PDFs can be created and downloaded or sent automatically. No matter if it is about invoices, offers or invitations.

Email delivery

zoolo can automatically send emails. Emails are sent, for example, to inform users, to invite to events or to send invoices and offers.

Document management

Any number of documents can be managed via a folder system. In addition, document management can be carried out at the object level - for example, individual projects can have their own document management.

Excel import / export

All records can be exported from zoolo. Existing data can also be imported into zoolo via Excel.

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