Membership and Club Management Software

Membership and Club Management Software

Manage members, collect contributions, issue invoices and offers like never before.

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Member databases, payment and event planning for professional clubs.

Automate club administration:
Manage Members & Documents

Tag your members, link documents and automate your administration.

Manage locations, plan events, make offers

zoolo automates the creation of offers, enables room rental to the minute and simplifies event planning.

Automate contributions, restaurant consumption and event bills

Imagine you would automatically receive all contributions, restaurant consumption and send invoices with one click.

Members & Documents Members & Documents

Member database

With zoolo you have the possibility to manage all your members and suppliers in one clear database.


Add any number of tags, characteristics and input fields to your members and build a vital network.


Send automated emails to your members and attach contracts and invoices.

Document Management

You can finally link contracts and documents with your members and even integrate your OneDrive.

Room management & events in your club Room management & events in your club

Room allocation

zoolo allows you to plan the premises of your club and your locations to the minute.


You can manage all your locations, assign any attributes and make them available for events.

Events & Guest List

Your events can be linked to guest lists and emails with a confirmation link can be sent automatically.

Automate offers

Offers can be created fully automatically and sent to customers - this saves you time to concentrate on the essentials.

Automate invoicing Automate invoicing

Contribution invoices

Contribution invoices are automatically and recurring created by zoolo and sent to your members.

Automatic cash collection

Either link existing SEPA mandates or send your members automatically generated payment links - manual invoicing is a thing of the past.

Restaurant consumption & catering receipts

zoolo communicates with your cash register system and automatically creates monthly statements including receipts for your members.

Terrifyingly cheap Terrifyingly cheap

Transparent, can be canceled at any time

zoolo is billed monthly and can be canceled at any time. You only pay for the users you need.


We put an end to the lack of transparency of modern software development by being able to set up your software completely yourself. Long development times and high costs are eliminated

Immediately ready for use

Every zoolo application is immediately ready for use and can be further developed during use.

Revolutionize your member and club management

Revolutionize your member and club management

Talk to us - we will develop the right solution for you and much more!
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