zoolo CRM

zoolo CRM

zoolo CRM is tailored to your needs - not the other way around.

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We do not sell off-the-shelf solutions, but every customer a 100% customized system

Get to know our CRM:
Contact database

Millions of contacts and companies can easily be managed via the zoolo CRM contact database. Automatic mailing included!

Leads, Deals & Tasks

Leads and deals can be managed via complex pipelines and activities can be monitored. Tasks can be transferred individually to individual employees.

Individually expandable

Do you need individual input fields, an interface integration or would you like to integrate a process? No problem - we adapt zoolo to your needs.

contact database contact database


Keep track of millions of contacts via zoolo' s infinity scrolling function. Contacts are reloaded in real time while scrolling.

Individual fields

Do you need individual input fields? No problem - our team will adapt the contact database according to your needs.

Export & Import

All data can be conveniently imported and exported as a CSV or Excel file. This makes it easy to switch from an old system.

Lead Pipelines Lead Pipelines


zoolo' s Kanban view allows you to create lead pipelines of any complexity. Filter your leads and deals by volume or status and keep track of them.


Each employee can be assigned different, categorized tasks per lead. These can be filtered and processed daily according to the deadline.


Every activity can be saved, observed and filed. Quick buttons allow you to create an activity with one click.

Evaluations Evaluations


Measure the performance of your sales team by duration-to-deal or volume - every parameter is measurable.

Time history

Have your projects per status and volume displayed on a timeline in order to identify possible efficiency bottlenecks.

Terrifyingly cheap Terrifyingly cheap

Transparent, can be canceled at any time

zoolo is billed monthly and can be canceled at any time. You only pay for the users you need.


We put an end to the lack of transparency of modern software development by being able to set up your software completely yourself. Long development times and high costs are eliminated

Immediately ready for use

Every zoolo application is immediately ready for use and can be further developed during use.

Revolutionize your acquisition process

Revolutionize your acquisition process

Talk to us - we will develop the right CRM for you and much more!
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