Process and workflow automation

Process and workflow automation

zoolo supports your digital transformation through automation.

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More time by automating your processes More time by automating your processes

With the zoolo software platform you automate your daily processes and workflows.

Regardless of whether emails should be sent automatically for certain actions, PDFs created, account balances loaded or data aggregated - zoolo does every job.

Automatically. In addition, you get a backend to your data in a revolutionary and simple way Way to work.

Digital transformation through automation Digital transformation through automation

Reduced costs

Automation of workflows reduces the costs of repetitive and manual tasks .
Save up to 80% of the costs of manual work.

Fewer errors

Automatically running workflows reduce the susceptibility to errors by 100% .
For example, PDFs can be automatically inserted into emails, reports created daily or reminders sent automatically.

More time

By eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks, there is more time for important tasks.
The zoolo backend in turn allows this time to be used efficiently.

Examples Examples

Automatic collection of license fees

Form input

Automatic dunning

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